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Dear 3RINCs participants and colleagues,

Thank you very much for your contributions to the 3R International Scientific Conference (3RINCs), which were held every year from 2014. Conferences were very successful with approximately 350 delegates from around the world, and we are pleased to invite you to next 3RINCs, 4th 3RINCs in India. This will be held on 8-10 March 2017 at New Delhi.


We opened the registration site and welcome all of you. Please register to get latest information.


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March 8-10, 2017 at New Delhi
Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi (http://www.indiahabitat.org/index)
Official site: http://www.3rincsindia.org/index.php
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/3rincs/

  *   Deadline for abstracts: 15 November 2016
  *   Deadline for early registration: 30 December 2016
  *   Conference: 8-10 March 2017

 The waste problem in Asia-pacific region is a crucial issue influencing the countries all over the world. Establishing a material cycles society is one of the important vectors for solving this problem, and the catchword here is “3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle)”.

 Third 3R International Scientific Conference on Material Cycles and Waste Management (3RINCs) will bring top researchers in this field to exchange and discuss the related research results.

 Objectives: The aim of 3R International Scientific Conference on Material Cycles and Waste Management (3RINCs) is to provide, and serve as a platform for, academic activities that promote a 3R society.


 3RINCs 2017
Dr. Thallada Bhaskar, Prof. Sadhan K Ghosh

 3RINCs International
Dr. Misuzu Asari, Professors Shinichi Sakai




Our Mission

It is our mission to promote proper waste management and spread the concept of the 3R principle (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) in our societies. The basic concept of 3R is to establish a sound Material-Cycle Society and at the same time aim to preserve resources and control hazardous substances. The aim of 3R International Conference is to provide and serve as a platform for academic activities that promote a 3R society. It is essential to strengthen mutual ties and have interdisciplinary discussions. We are holding the 3rd 3R International Conference on Material Cycles and Waste Management as an open academic platform. We are calling for scientifically and academically based presentations from all stakeholders in material cycles and waste management, including product designers, operators, suppliers, environmental authorities, and academics internationally. Please come and join the 3rd 3RINCs and have a wonderful time sharing your knowledge and experience with people from academia, municipalities, and industry.