3RINCs 2023 will be held from 13th to 18th March 2023

The 9th 3R International Scientific Conference will be held at Kyoto Japan and Online on 13th -18th March 2023.

Resistration fot the conference will open soon.

International Symposium on Plastics
(The 33rd JSMCWM annual meeting/3RINCs Autumn)

Title : Domestic and International Latest Trends in Plastic Management

Date : September 20th (Tue) 15:15 – 17:15 (Japan time)  Onsite and Zoom webinar

Resistration : International symposium on Plastics (3RINCs 2022 Autumn/ 33rd JCMCWM meeting) (

The plastic problem has become an issue for the region from around the world, and various efforts are being made from elucidating the actual situation to implementing countermeasures. Here, we will bring the latest knowledge from the standpoints of industry, academia, public, and citizens regarding efforts on a global, national, and regional basis.

Call for the Special Issue of 8th 3RINCs2022 in JMCWM

The Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management (IF 2.863 as of 2020) is currently running a special issue of the 8th 3RINCs 2022 (3R International Scientific Conference on Material Cycles and Waste Management) . The special Issue welcomes submission of original articles from “General sessions” ,”Special sessions” and “Creative Sesions”.

●Deadline for paper submission : July 31, 2022 (prolongedMay 31, 2022

●Guidelines  : For more information, please click on the link below.

Keynote Presentation of the 3RINCs 2022 (Online)

Event site
Regional Conference on the OECD Global Plastics Outlook

There is an incomprehensible amount of plastic in our society, driven by population growth and higher incomes. Estimates put the global plastics production to have doubled between 2000 and 2019, coming up to 460 million tonnes (Mt) in 2019.  While annual plastics production and waste generation continue to increase, the current use of plastics is far from being circular. The current linear model of mass plastics production, consumption and disposal is unsustainable – it requires policies and actions driven by secondary plastics markets, innovation and international co-operation that can contribute to systemic change. 
On the occasion of the 8th 3R International Scientific Conference on Material Cycles and Waste Management, the OECD will present its recently released Global Plastics Outlook: Economic drivers, environmental impacts and policy options for audience in the Southeast Asia and Japan. 

Date : Mar. 2022, 15:00-16:00 (JST)

Participants are requested to register prior to the event through the registration form.…

Event Information : Greening Health Care Waste Management

3RINCs collaboration event will be held on 16th March (Online) .

Event site
Greening Health Care Waste Management: Policies and Good Practices | IGES

This special session invites several researchers, practitioners and business entrepreneurs in the field of HCWM to present and discuss policies and good practices for greening health infrastructure, based on their recent research and work. This will be followed by an engaging and constructive discussion between the panelists and participants.

Date : March 16, 18:15–19:45 (JST)

Participants are requested to register prior to the event through the registration form.

3RINCs 2022 will be held from 14 to 18 March 2022

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3RINCs 2022 | 3RINCs

Video of “3RINCs Autumun” on October 25th 2021 has been uploaded!

Thanks to all panelists and many audience, the international symposium “3RINCs Autumn” was held. Here you can find the video of the symposium !

Paradigm shift towards Sustainability(2021. Oct. 25th) – YouTube