3RINCs and its values

3RINCs is an international conference on material cycles and waste management, held by JSMCWM and other expert groups of waste management in the Asia-Pacific Region. Since the first conference, held in Kyoto in 2014, 3RINCs has brought values summarized below to stakeholders in this field.

Linking diverse actors: 3RINCs is a great opportunity to develop professional network of actors involved throughout the cycle of waste management. Product designers, suppliers, plant manufacturers, consultants, governmental bodies, NGOs and academics worldwide will gather to exchange knowledge and ideas.

Linking policy, practice and science: 3RINCs and the Regional 3R Forum in Asia-Pacific is complementary. Regional 3R Forum in Asia-Pacific serves as platform to share knowledge and provide strategic policy advices to national government authorities in mainstreaming 3Rs. 3RINCs aims to provide scientific and technical input to policy discussions at the intergovernmental Regional 3R Forum around emerging issues of concern.

Linking disciplines: Interdisciplinary discussion and knowledge sharing is essential to achieve sustainable waste management. A wide range of academic fields, including, but not limited to, physics, chemistry, biology, civil engineering, medicine, international development, policy science, economics, sociology and law, need to serve as keystones that support 3R. 3RINCs will bring together scientific knowledge across wide variety of disciplines.