3RINCs 2020

Call for the Special Issue of 3RINCs2020 to JMCWM – Deadline Extended!

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Dear participants of the 6th 3R International Scientific Conference on Material Cycles and Waste Management (3RINCs) 2020, Tsukuba, Japan –Deadline Extended

We are pleased to invite you to submit a manuscript for Special Issue of Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management (JMCWM) on the 6th 3R International Scientific Conference on Material Cycles and Waste Management (3RINCs) 2020. 6th 3RINCs has been canceled due to the global concern on the situation of contagions. However, in order to keep the record and achievement of academic achievements of the conference participants, we try to edit the Special Issue of 6th 3RINCs.

The first issue of our journal, JMCWM was published at the end of October, 1999, and the latest issue, Vol.22, No.2 has been published in Mar. 2020.  At the beginning we started to publish biannual English journal, and from Vol.22 it became bimonthly. In 2019 JMCWM was obtained Impact Factor of 2.004.

There are conditions for paper submission to “6th 3RINCs Special Issue” : 1) Those who had an abstract registration for the 6th 3RINCs, and those who paid and did not request a refund of the conference registration fee can submit his/her paper to the special issue, and 2) the submitted manuscripts should be significantly enhanced and updated from the original short abstract published in the proceedings of the 6th 3RINCs 2020. We would like you to keep the above two points in mind. Especially, the point 2) is important in order to avoid any possibility of receiving duplicate submission. Please note that only manuscripts containing data and information beyond the material presented in the proceedings of the 6th 3RINCs 2020 will be accepted for publication. All manuscripts for the 6th 3RINCs 2020 special issue of JMCWM will be subject to follow standard rules and review process for peer reviewed papers; including the review of each manuscript by at least two international experts. The deadline for paper submission is July 15, 2020. The accepted papers will be published at the end of March or May, 2021 (Volume 23).

There will be no page charge for authors in the 6th 3RINCs 2020 special issue of JMCWM. Color illustrations will be accepted; however the author will be expected to make a contribution to the extra cost. Instruction for Authors is available at JMCWM site on Springer Link. You find the other information for submitting and publication.


Please submit your manuscript using the online system, Editorial Manager (EM):


Your specification to submit for the Special Issue of the 6th 3RINCs 2020 should be appreciated. Please mention thereon in space of Author Comments, as shown in the figure.

We are looking forward to receiving your manuscripts.

Best regards,

Special Editors for the 6th 3RINCs 2020, the special issue of JMCWM

Dr. Tomonori Ishigaki
Professor Toshiaki Yoshioka
Professor Shinichi Sakai

Abstracts of 3RINCs2020 can be browsed

Dear all who entered the presentation in 3RINCs2020,

Abstracts of 3RINCs2020 will be uploaded.  Once you go to the following address and type your password, you can browse it on and after 2 April.


Policy on the Canceled 3RINCs2020

Dear all who entered the presentation in 3RINCs2020,

As we have announced officially at 27 February 2020, we have decided to cancel the  6th 3R International Scientific Conference on Material Cycles and Waste Management due to the global concern on the situation of contagions.
However, in order to keep the record and achievement of the conference, we would like to announce the following policy on this conference.

(1) Your submitted abstracts which had been already scheduled in each session program will be published in the proceedings which is going to provide in website with password and in the potable media for all registered and paid persons. You can officially announce that your abstract will be presented at this conference. We will try our best to keep the opportunity for sharing the knowledge and information. We also emphasize that all of registered person can exchange your opinion or idea via emails which is given in the abstract papers.
* If you do not want to include your abstract on the program, please inform us no later than 10 March, 2020. We will remove your abstract as your request and refund the registration fee.
* If you have not paid the registration fee, your submitted abstract will be automatically removed from the program. Please be sure to pay the registration fee by the bank transfer no later than 10 March 2020 as well.

(2) We will also complementary provide the conference bag, printed program, and the special issue of the 5th 3RINCs in the Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management as well as potable media of the programs including abstracts. It also includes the official receipt of the conference fee payment. All of these materials will be sent to the address that was registered in the system as the corresponding author by the end of March 2020.

(3) If you have registered the technical tour (both tour A and tour B), this fee will be refunded. Further details should be contacted later.

(4) We do not respond to any other request of refund, commission fee, or consolation in this situation. We apologize for your inconvenience but please understand this unforeseeable situation.

6th 3RINCs Organizing Committee
Tomonori Ishigaki

Announcement on Cancelling the 6th 3RINCs (The 3R International Scientific Conference on Material Cycles and Waste Management)

Considering recent massive change of situation around contagions, the Organizing Committee of the 6th 3RINCs concluded that securing safety of all participants shall be our top priority on hosting this event. And we would like to announce the cancellation of the conference.

The Organizing Committee of the 6th 3RINCs thank our Co-organizers, Supporters, Sponsors, Supporting Organizations, and all the participants for your immense support towards this conference so far, and express our sincere apologies towards the inconvenience caused under these unforeseen circumstances.

The Organizers and conference secretariat will be in touch with all of you for proper follow up arrangements.

Further plan will be developed with keeping closed watch out for future situations. We will announce updates once we have any idea about new conference, cancellation fee, refunds, and your submitted abstract.

Thank you again for your understanding and support, and we look forward to informing you on new announcement.

Chairman of 6th 3RINCs
Dr. Masahiro Osako

President of Japan Society of Material Cycles and Waste Management
Prof. Toshiaki Yoshioka

Special Session Details are Open

Once you click the title, you can read the outline of each session.

SP-1: 10:15-11:45, 16 March, 2020
International Perspectives on Plastic Pollution Management

SP-2: 13:00-14:30, 16 March, 2020
Solid Waste Quantity Generated in the World

SP-3: 14:45-16:15, 16 March, 2020
SWM business perspectives in Asian region

SP-4: 9:30-11:00, 17 March, 2020
Cooperative Approach for Waste Management

SP-5: 13:20-14:50, 17 March, 2020
New Era of Waste Management: Population Change and Aging

SP-6: 15:05-16:35, 17 March, 2020
Global to local challenge on Disaster Waste Management

Missed the Deadline? Please Talk to Us!

Thank you very much for lots of presenters in 3RINCs2020!

It seems that there are still some who missed the deadline for abstract submission.
If you are the one, please talk to us ( ecocheck@eprc.kyoto-u.ac.jp ). You may have the chance to be a presenter at the conference.
Of course, we would like to deal flexibly with extension of early bird registration fee for the additional participants.

As you know, the 6th 3RINCs conference is going to be held at Tsukuba in Japan on 16-18 March, 2020. This 3RINCs conferences were held in Asian countries and finally came back to Japan this year. Also, historical SWAPI conference will be completed in this 3RINCs conference. Thus, this time is a memorial conference for us. Many sponsors from all over the world have already decided to participate in this conference and we would like to make this memorial conference a success.

Although abstract submission has already closed, we would like to continue gathering participants as much as possible.

3RINCs 2020 at Tsukuba, Japan;
Dates of the Conference: 16 – 18 March 2020
Venue for the Conference: Tsukuba International Congress Center, Ibaraki pref., Japan
For more information about venue, please visit the HP of Tsukuba International Congress Center.

3R (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycling) challenges, SDGs related to 3R, Biomass waste utilization, E-waste, 3R of plastic waste、Disaster waste and marine debris management, Policy, etc.

Call for Abstracts!
Deadline for Abstracts: 17 January 2020 

Leading papers selected by the Conference Organizer will be processed, and then revised and updated as necessary, for publication in special issues of the Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management, which is published by Springer.
Please click “ABSTRACT SUBMISSION IS HERE!” on the left side of the screen to submit your abstract.

Deadline for Early Registration: 29 January 2020

Now, registration site is open !

You can get the brieflet on the 6th 3RINCs (3RINCs 2020) .

Special Session
International perspectives on plastic pollution management
New era of waste management: population change and aging
Current global status of disaster waste management
You can register for attractive tours!

Technical Tour
Two types of technical tours will be held on 18 March.

Full conference participation, registration no later than 29 January 2020 JPY 55,000
Full conference participation, registration after 29 January 2020                JPY 66,000
Student and participants from LDC* registration no later than 29 January 2020 JPY 25,000
Student registration after 29 January 2020 JPY 30,000