The 7th 3RINCs will be held online next March !

Dear all,

We are glad to announce that the 7th 3RINCs will be held online next March.
3R International Scientific Conferences (3RINCs) have been held by Japan Society of Material Cycles and Waste Management in various Asian countries.
Unfortunately, the 6th 3RINCs online in March 2020 was abandoned due to COVID-19.
However, the process of exchanging information through abstracts and of publishing academic journal has been being carried out .

In addition, at the Autumn Annual Conference, a special session on waste treatment under COVID-19 was held online.
More than 300 people participated in the session, mainly from Asian countries, and a joint declaration was published.
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Continuous webinar in collaboration with IGES etc. is also popular.
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Hundreds of people including young researchers and students from developing countries participated and discussed lively especially because it is online, so that we felt confident about the result.

The 7th 3RINCs is under consideration for implementation online.
Though details will be scheduled by the end of this month, we would like you to know and participate in this 3RINCs.
We would like to take advantage of online and proceed with the project.
Please send us your opinions, ideas and requests.

  • Schedule: Several days centered on mid-March 2021 (assuming the week of 3/15)
    Setting that takes into account the time difference with Asian countries (Example: Late afternoon hours in a few days)
  • Contents: Special sessions, general sessions, corporate sessions, exchange projects, etc.

We are planning to ask you for submissions for special issues in an English journal as hitherto.

Thank you for your cooperation.

International Committee